New York Nights

First Session

Beatrice had a brief meeting with her father at a coffee shop in Little Italy. He told her that he and her mother were going out of town on a “hunting trip” and that she should stay out of trouble. After her father left, Sebastian came in and begged Beatrice to let him crash at her place because he some people were after him for taking something. He described two men who looked like albinos who drew swords on him. He swore he didn’t know what it was that he supposedly took. Beatrice relented and they went back to her place where Sebastian spent the rest of the day monopolizing the TV and making himself a nuisance of a house guest.

Once night fell, there was a pounding at her door. Beatrice looked through the peephole and saw an armored chest. She armed herself with her sword and opened the door. The tall armored figured wore a helm of stag antlers. The being entered and strode toward Sebastian drawing a sword. Beatrice struck at the figure who them turned toward her and pointed. Several large hounds entered the apartment. Beatrice struck down two of them and the hounds changed into human bodies. As more hounds entered, Beatrice and Sebastian took the fire escape. Beatrice looked up in time to see the figure lean out and apparently get burned when he touched the iron fire escape. Beatrice and Sebastian managed to avoid the falling debris as the large figure broke through the wall and took to the air with the hounds. Beatrice ran one way and Sebastian ran the other, and the hounds and armored figure followed Sebastian.

Beatrice held up at her safe haven for a couple of days and called her friend and fellow hunter, Frankie. She told him what happened and Frankie told her that he had heard that someone matching Sebastian’s description was run down by a motorcycle game two blocks away at the same time. Beatrice asked Frankie to meet her at her building to make sure her place was secure. When they arrived at her apartment and went over the scene, Frankie told her that it appeared that she had been attacked by the Wild Hunt. And if Sebastian had been taken by the Hunt, he may not be dead but a member of it. Beatrice asked if there was a way to get him back. Frankie said that he didn’t know but he may know a Wizard that did.

Fiona received a call from Cilas requesting that she attend him at her place. She was shown into his study by his bodyguard and attempted to buy the bodyguard away from Cilas. When she was rebuffed, she froze him in ice. Cilas greeted her coolly and Fiona spoke with him rudely. Cilas’ ire was raised and he grabbed her by the throat. In response, she hit him with an iron fireplace poker. Cilas cast a glamour on her that made her feel as though she were falling. When he released her from the glamour, she was surrounded by three of his guards. He began to tell Fiona how she could make amends for her breach in etiquette. She interrupted him and the guards let their glamour fall to reveal three trolls. The first knocked her clear across the room. As they approached, she relented.

Fiona was given the task of finding Cilas’ daughter, Lyssa, who went missing. Fiona went to Lyssa’s apartment and found that she had been emailing someone with the email address Seb254. She also suspected that she had found fingerprints belonging to Seb254. She called Markel who was a police officer to see if he could get the prints analyzed. During the course of her conversation, she learned that the case of her husband’s murder had been reopened and Markel was worried that he would be linked. Fiona attempted to allay his fears but the discussion became heated and ended with Markel threatening to tell Martin that Fiona had hired Markel to kill him.

After that, Fiona continued to have difficulty navigating the mortal world. The end result being that she assaulted a police officer in a police precinct and escaped from the station house, bruised and having dropped her wallet containing the identification for her current mortal identity. Realizing the problem, Fiona called a contact to start on her new identity, the Wizard Francis.

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